Best Ways To Lose Weight After 50

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Best Ways To Lose Weight After 50

Best Ways To Lose Weight After 50Healthy Smoothie Recipes
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Best Ways To Lose Weight After 50

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Best Ways To Lose Weight After 50

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Best Ways To Lose Weight After 50

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Best Ways To Lose Weight After 50

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As soon as you hit half your century weight loss becomes a bit challenging. It is not impossible but yes it becomes difficult to lose weight after 50 as your metabolism slows down, hormone levels drop and along with menopause, there is a huge risk of nutritional deficiencies. The nutritional deficiencies can set you towards the road to health issues. Let’s discuss 6 best ways to lose weight after 50.

6 Best Ways To Lose Weight After 50

Our experts share six ways to lose weight after 50 so that you can feel as good as you look…

1 • Speed up Your Metabolism

Speed up Your Metabolism< - Best Ways To Lose Weight After 50

As soon as you reach 20 your metabolism slows down by 2% after every decade meaning the burning of those fats will take more time. You have to be patient. Consistency and patience, are the keynotes during losing weight. There are several ways by which you can accelerate your metabolism and lose weight. Some of them are listed and discussed below…

• Don’t drink room temperature water as it will not set up your metabolism going. If you add few ice cubes or drink approximately 1.4-liter cold water it can help you speed up your metabolism and burn 50 calories.

• Standing instead of sitting whenever possible is another way to speed up your metabolism as while we are sitting, we are not using any of our muscles. This is useful as it doesn’t involve any strenuous exercise and people who have pains in their joint can do it without any hassle.

• Intake of green tea can burn 100 calories and set up your metabolism the right way. It has catechin, an antioxidant used to support your metabolic health.

• Zinc in your diet helps you elevate the working of your metabolism. Most menopausal women suffer from a deficiency in zinc. Zinc plays a vital role in affecting the functions of thyroid glands, producing hormones that elevate your energy levels and regulates your metabolism. The excellent sources of zinc are oysters, red meat and poultry.

• Eating eggs is not only satiating but also gives you all the essential amino acids that your body needs. It sets your metabolism to hum, research states that eating a diet full of proteins can boost up your metabolism approximately by 100 calories a day as proteins take more time to break down. 100 calories a day burnt without any added effort can make a huge difference.

Start your morning by a cup of coffee so that you speed up your metabolism. Don’t forget to keep in mind that no sugar and cream can be added as it will lead to extra calories being consumed. Later you will face difficulty in burning them up.

• Chewing sugar-free gum also proves to be beneficial in speeding up your metabolism. Researches suggest that chewing gum for 20 minutes thrice a day can speed up your metabolism by about 5%.

Diets - Best Ways To Lose Weight After 50

2 • Watch Your Diet

During your age before 50, you have a lot of chores at home, work-life, responsibilities from all over take a toll over you but as the age progresses the responsibilities and level of activity during a day have a sharp decline. You need to watch what you are consuming very wisely because whatever you eat is surely what you are. You can’t claim to have a slim and fit body with the choice of eating all junk food. You can practice the below mentioned things while watching your diet to lose weight effectively.

• Practice intermittent fasting is another way of keeping your metabolism ongoing and to give some rest to your stomach. Its also known as occasional fasting and has several advantages. It keeps your insulin level intact and you are active than before. Intermittent fasting has several types as you can eat for 8 hours during a day or you eat after completing 24 hours fasting. It all depends upon your selection of the type of fasting at your convenience.

• Pile on protein in your plate is important to ensure your metabolism is set up at the right pace. Not only this protein also gives you an edge from muscle- degeneration which is a common issue as you age.

• Eat vegetables before sources of carbohydrates will give you a feeling of being full and in return, you will end up eating fewer carbohydrates. If you eat your carbohydrates before, it increases the production of the hormone, insulin leading you to gain more weight. If you consume vegetables first it will also suppress the production of Ghrelin, a hormone that indicates your body to eat.

• Focus on a balanced diet so that you have no nutritional deficiencies. As the age progresses you have health-related issues and nutritional deficiencies can make you weak. It’s a good idea to follow a balanced diet and dump the version of your dieting for at least two weeks to accelerate the weight loss.

• Create a caloric deficit diet is significant. You consume fewer calories than required to burn and let go of all the extra pounds on your body.

• Adding Cayenne peppers in your diet can be an easy way to lose weight. Even a drug for treating obese people contains capsaicin to aid weight loss in the long term.

• Skipping meals is not a good idea if you are looking forward to losing weight after 50. Eating throughout the day will help you in sustaining the muscle mass and high energy level leading to good metabolism.

• Limiting added sugar is a hard task but needful. It gets harder to keep the scale from going up as you age then this amount of additional sugar giving you added calories and health issues is another difficulty. It is recommended to avoid diet drinks as well because fake sugar has its own set of disadvantages like making you more prone to heart diseases and inducing metabolic derangements.

• Hydration is the key factor in your diet. Women tend to drink sugary drinks such as soda, juices and sports drinks which might hamper your goal to lose weight. Avoiding drinks with added sugars, pre-made smoothies and high fructose can guard you against false calories, diabetes and heart diseases

• Rely less on convenience foods and cook more at home so that you can be the controller of what should go inside and in what quantity. Cooking more at home is not an added task. You will notice as people age, they tend to dine out more. It makes them consume high-fat and processed food more making them gain weight. Instead of this, they should practice cooking at home as a part of the routine to stay healthy and fit. Convenience food is usually high in calories and low in nutrition.

• Dabbing a little vanilla on your wrists help to end up your desire to overeat.

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3 • Regular Exercise Routine

Regular Exercise Routine - Best Ways To Lose Weight After 50

You can’t claim to have a slim and fit body with the choice of Strength training or lifting weight is not only important for a bodybuilder but also combats issues related to age. If you can’t workout try visualizing that you are working out and it will trick your body burning more calories and giving your metabolism a boost.

• Hiring a personal trainer can make your work out more by keeping you accountable for the amount of workout you have done. Additionally, they also make you secure against any injury and promoting exercise to lose weight as per your goal.

• Increase your activity

• The addition of resistance is important as with age you lose muscle mass and losing muscle mass means low metabolic rate leading you to lose weight with difficulty. Adding 15 minutes of strength training can bring in changes in the composition of muscles.

• Join a team or pairing up will give you encouragement to exercise, play and eat mindfully. Doing all of it all alone can be a bit challenging. Pairing up with a friend, neighbor or co-worker can be effective. Research even suggests people who attend weight loss programs with their friends have a better success rate.

• Try yoga in the morning or evening can boost up your metabolism. Doing it under the sun can increase your metabolism without even making you realize that you are working out. It will also make you happier and satisfied. This is also one way of practicing self-care which has numerous advantages.

• Try moderate-intensity cardio instead of high intensity as it may affect your joints and bones. As you age the health of your bones and joints also deteriorates. You may feel pain and soreness at your joints. The best way is to keep moving. You can always opt for moderate-intensity cardio consisting of brisk walking, dancing, and gardening over burpees. Squats and planks might be stressful for you physically and mentally both.

4 • Getting Enough Sleep

How to Burn Fat with Deep Sleep - Best Ways To Lose Weight After 50

It is important to speed up your metabolism too. As we age, we tend to sleep less because of our health issues and responsibilities but this can be a big mistake. Sleeping less can affect you because you face difficulty in controlling your appetites and burn fewer calories. Moreover, you also experience an increased level of cortisol which plays a role in storing fat.

Women aged over 50 should at least sleep for seven to nine hours per night.

Increased Ghrelin can lead to gain weight as this hormone gives you a signal of being hungry or eating. If you are sleep deprived then the level of this hormone can rise. Sleep-deprived women tend to have less leptin. It is the hormone responsible to give you a signal to stop eating. When more Ghrelin and less Leptin are in your body, you will gain weight. Therefore, make sure you sleep well. After all your body also needs time to heal and rest.

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5 • Visit Your Doctor

Talking to your doctor - Best Ways To Lose Weight After 50

Talking to your doctor is extremely important. As you hit 50’s it is your job to get your self analyzed by a well-known health practitioner. Additionally, if you are doing everything alright and not losing an appropriate number of pounds you need to speak to your doctor to determine any underlying health issues.

• Get your hormones checked as the occurrence of menopause brings in a lot of health issues and a drop in a few hormone levels.

As you age you will get to know that the level of hormones also fluctuates as testosterone and estrogen decreases leading to fat accumulation. Hence, the level of hormones needs to be checked by the doctor so that needful can be done.

• Checking the list of medicines that you buy from pharmacy to deal with health-related issues is as important as eating healthy. Many of the antidepressants in your prescription can cause you to gain weight.

• Acupuncture for weight loss has many benefits as it controls your appetite and makes you sleep sounder. If you are doing the right things and not losing weight then your doctor might recommend an acupuncture shot. Moreover, you also feel more energized and stress-free.

6 • Talk To a Dietitian:

Talk To a Dietitian - Best Ways To Lose Weight After 50

Talking to a dietitian and seeking help can be praiseworthy as it will help you achieve your goal quicker.

• Follow a structured plan by your dietitian as those plans have a success rate of more than 75%. Clinically proven and medically supervised plans which are customized according to your needs are the best choice for you to follow to lose weight.

• Set realistic goals and don’t give up as studies suggest treatments for obese people work as well in older people too. Don’t set sky-touching goals, if it is not achieved you quit and throw the idea of losing weight out of a window. Be honest with your self because changing the lifestyle may take some time.

• Take supplements on time as if you are heading with the balanced Resurge diet and right version of the exercise and even then, not losing weight so it might be because of lack of any micronutrient in your body.

In case you can’t afford a dietitian, you can search for a sample diet or sample meal plan for a woman aged above 50 who wants to lose weight over the internet and pick the one that best suits your needs. This will give you clear insight on how to lose weight.

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Once you follow all these tips it will be easier for you to shed some pounds and be fit. As people have created myths becoming fit and slim after 50 is a bit challenging but with the right exercise and balanced amount of food on your plate, you can do it!

Practice self-care as dealing all life with the responsibilities of kids and then paying the house mortgage, going to work every day can become stressful and then one needs to chill out. Being in so much stress can make you focus less on your health and gain weight.

You can even try the ongoing offer on to help you lose weight. It has proven to melt 32,434 pounds in the U.S overnight. It is a fat-burning supplement that will set you on the right track to losing weight so all women above 50 are happy and give it a try. It has all-natural and proven resurge ingredients.

It’s a way to lose weight without any inconvenience also approved by the FDA and certified by GMP. It is effective for a woman over 50 to lose weight along with being safe.

Resurge Pills - Best Ways To Lose Weight After 50

WATCH - Best Ways To Lose Weight After 50


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